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Hi From Martin @ Janner's HQ

For those who don’t know a “Janner” it’s somebody born and bred in Plymouth. The humour comes from the laid back ways of the Westcountry mixed with the sharp wit of the Armed Forces, add in the biggest local employer Devonport Dockyard and you end up with a alcoholic chocolate muesli sense of humour.

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Janner's Blog

2nd March 2018

Berimbolo, Alien Sex, Meerkatsu and Dan Strauss

WHAT!!!!….. OK given my lack of kitten like agility and general lack of skills the Berimbolo may as well be alien sex as they have the […]
28th February 2018

Trained this morning and beat the snow, now Choke with Rickson Gracie

Rolled this morning which was a bonus as the gym is closed tonight due the snow. I hear you all cry “What now?” well why not […]
27th February 2018

BJJ Guard puller? Your own mug!

Guard players have a skill set that needs working on become good at. So they deserve their own mug. Pop in to jannersmugs.etsy.com to grab yours […]
27th February 2018

Choke Dealer, BJJ mug arrives

The first of the BJJ mugs arrives. Check it out and buy one at www.jannersmugs.etsy.com. The Dojo in the background is Flo Martial Arts in Plymouth. […]
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