Brazilian Jiu Jitsu items printed in my own studio. BJJ Mugs, T-Shirts, Bags

Sublimation Printing for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu clubs around the World .

Hi From The Old Choke Dealer @ Janners Mugs HQ

Martin ``The Old Choke Dealer``

A “Janner” is born and bred in Plymouth and the busines started with mugs. Hence “Janners Mugs”
My love of BJJ came from my daughter competing. So I put on my white belt in June 2015, blue belt since 22nd December 2016 under Kenny Baker at Flo Martial Arts in Plymouth. The printing and BJJ merged and here we are!

"If you have your own design for a commercial order, just send us the image, and we will print the mugs for you. Minimum order of just 36!"

We undertake one off orders to larger commercial projects. Contact us to find out more.

Janner's Blog

22nd November 2018
Fight hard but train smart

Train Smart for BJJ, Fight Hard Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tips

TRAIN SMART Train smart as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is no different to any other sport with injuries being part of the journey. While BJJ may be […]
10th October 2018
guardfather bjj mug

BJJ Guard Pullers, are they good or bad?

BJJ Guard Pullers BJJ Guard Pullers are often frowned upon but following on from the “GuardFather” mug (Have a look in the shop…. go on) I […]
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