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We work hard on efficiency to keep cost down and quality up, hand printing mugs for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Work, Hobbies, Sport and the Family.

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Hi From Martin @ Janner's HQ

For those who don’t know a “Janner” it’s somebody born and bred in Plymouth. The humour comes from the laid back ways of the Westcountry mixed with the sharp wit of the Armed Forces, add in the biggest local employer Devonport Dockyard and you end up with a alcoholic chocolate muesli sense of humour.

"If you have your own design for a commercial order, just send us the image, and we will print the mugs for you. Minimum order of just 36!"

We undertake one off orders to larger commercial projects. Contact us to find out more.

Janner's Blog

21st May 2018
wild aabout teaching teachers gift mug

Teachers, students, exams, stress and a bit of praise.

Teachers Teachers and students spend this time of year with exams on their minds. Those teaching staff also worry about whether their students will perform to […]
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