BJJ Guard Pullers, are they good or bad?

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22nd November 2018
guardfather bjj mug

BJJ Guard puller mug

BJJ Guard Pullers

BJJ Guard Pullers are often frowned upon but following on from the “GuardFather” mug (Have a look in the shop…. go on) I thought I might explain what prompted that design, so..

BJJ Guard pulling from the start is an odd thing. At the start of my BJJ journey I thought “Great”, then I thought “Hmm not so great” and currently I am at “Ohh it has it’s uses”.

But why my current line of thinking? Well if it’s done at the highest level it can’t be wrong and then I twigged it’s multi-functional.

Defensive uses

  1. Opponent is a good judoka or wrestler.
  2. Opponent is much bigger than me.
  3. I am injured
  4. My guard game is on form.


BUT the big revelation for me was realizing that a fast guard pull and immediate action is a superb positive offensive action, I had always thought of it as being a negative defensive action.

SO guess what I am working on…..yes pulling guard and going straight into attack mode. With that in mind I have just got my hands on a copy of BJ Penns “Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu The Closed Guard” as I love books. I’ll let you know what I think next time.



The Old Choke Dealer.

PS The Mug?

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