Teachers, students, exams, stress and a bit of praise.

    wild aabout teaching teachers gift mug

    Wild about teaching celebration gift mug for that special teacher


    Teachers and students spend this time of year with exams on their minds. Those teaching staff also worry about whether their students will perform to the best levels they can and thus enjoy the results from all the study time they have put in. The students are feeling the pressure and hoping the exams go as well they wish.

    After the exams comes the relief from knowing it is all done. Then follows a spell of not worrying, only to transition to more concern as results time approaches. At all stages those that teach are there giving reassurance to their students, coaxing them along, helping to alleviate the fears. How often do we stop and wonder how the teachers feel? What about their nerves? When does the news say “Thank You” to teaching staff? We forget those who teach and maybe that should change.

    Stress for those involved with teaching is a concern as reported here “Exam stress…”

    Maybe it’s time to get those teachers a token of thanks. A mug is nice idea after all they drink enough coffee!

    teacher coffee mug coffee teach grade sleep

    Teacher coffee mug for those dedicated teachers.

    Have look in the Mugs for those who teach here for some ideas for those that get forgotten.

    Just a thought from all here at Janners Mugs.